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Overview of Biaxial Engineering for Detailing & Drafting Services

While drafters and detailers will be asked to create a wide range of sketches and drawings, the majority of their time will be spent preparing shop and erection drawings.

Detailing & Drafting Services
Steel Detailing

Steel Detailing Services

The process of creating shop drawings for a steel fabricator is known as steel detailing.

Steel Detailing Services are services that provide comprehensive drawings to fabricators and erectors of steel structures.

Steel handling and detailing must be precise and comply with all applicable norms and codes.

To make it more ethical and legitimate, we make sure to follow the standards and norms as well as the terms and conditions. We give you an experienced opinion on your details as well as a report. You can request any changes you like, and we’ll make them as soon as possible.

This also prevents you from receiving questions later and being unable to make the changes you desire.

Steel Shop Drawings

Workshop drawings are a set of appropriate drawings and sketches created by people involved in a construction project. The team that creates these drawings consists of manufacturers, contractors, consultants, and other such members. The use of manufacturing drawings is more commonly required and is more common with pre-designed components. No matter what unit or type of work, drawing in workshop plays a very powerful role, and without this service you can’t take your work to the next level. The work of the draftsman service is declared as a schedule for the entire project, and in return it turns out to be useful ideas and considerations.

Steel Shop Drawing
Steel Detailing

Miscellaneous Steel Detailing

Our portfolio includes structural steel elements like complicated staircases, handrails, and other intricate miscellaneous steel construction items. From a fabrication standpoint, we understand the details requirements and create thorough drawings that meet your specific needs.

We’ll make sure your jobs are delivered on time with precision, using the most up-to-date 3D modelling technologies and in accordance with the AISC, AU/NZ, European code.

The size of your job not matter to us, every job is equally important to us when it comes to technical clarity.

Capabilities of the Miscellaneous Detailing Team:-

  1. Industrial access stairs with railing
  2. Safety gates
  3. Platform guardrails
  4. Bollards
  5. Platform grating/ checkered plate
  6. Dumpster gate
  7. Embeds
  8. Ladder with / without cage
  9. Egress Stairs (Switch back/Box stair/Scissor stairs) with Railing
  10. Ship ladder
  11. Metal Fencing

Facade Detailing

The Façade is not only the beautiful face of the building, but also an important element of the building’s aesthetic appearance.

Architects, builders, and construction professionals can benefit from the expertise of our experienced façade engineers. We address complex design challenges, maximize energy efficiency, and offer practical and budget-conscious solutions using years of technical know-how and experience earned through years of partnership with world-leading customers.

Services we offer in Façade detailing:

  1. ACP Panels
  2. Corrugated Panels
  3. Facade Profile System
  4. Glazing Detailing
  5. Glass Railing
  6. Curtain Wall
Facade Detailing
Rebar Detailing

Rebar Detailing

Rebar detail service is a subdivision for creating “shop / placement” drawings. In other words, they are workshop drawings for the construction of rebar. BIAXIAL Engineering have a team of professionals available to provide the best design if the project is strictly a detailed service of rebar.

We are in the age of digitalization and can design and configure all information online, no matter how small the information. One of the services in the construction sector is the details of the rebar. This is one of the most important and important services we offer. The team has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in this area, drawing drawings for commercial, residential, industrial and other projects.

Following is a list of the various rebar services in which Biaxial is knowledgeable :

  1. As-built drawing
  2. Bar bending schedules
  3. Quality take-offs
  4. Total rebar estimation
  5. Rebar Shop Drawing
  6. Rebar 2D and 3D modelings

Precast Detailing

Precast panel detailing services is a precast concrete construction product that is used to make a reusable mould. Biaxial Engineering is one of the most recommended and reliable society for achieving full needs and requirements for all precast jobs.

Precast Detailing

Other Services

  • Bar bending Schedule
  • Steel Take-off
  • Advance Bill of Materials
  • Estimation and Tendering
  • BIM Services
  • PDF to CAD
  • Model and Drawing Verification

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